Advice and Guidance

  • Save over $6,000 in flight training from any chosen flight school around the world
  • Choosing the perfect school according to your needs and requirements
  • Step by step guidance to the visa process
  • Embassy Interview preparation assistance
  • Help in choosing the right instructor
  • Tips to get the most out of your training
  • School transfer process assistance if needed
  • Medical certifications and insurance assistance for international students

Simply put, we will be there with you all along the way; from the time that you decide to become a pilot to the time that you proudly pose with a picture for your commercial pilot’s license with three striped shoulders and beyond.

Flight Training School Comparison

Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will make before your aviation career takes off. Many students fail to make their dream of turning into a pilot true just because they chose a school which was wrong for them. Flying is a skill and you will only be able to master it if you are trained the right way. You can see comparisons between the schools on our ‘Compare’ page. You can also contact us in one of the many available ways and we will help you out as much as we can. We are here to assist you in making your dream come true.

First Day Luxury Hotel Stay

Most of our students visit the school for the first time only a few days before the classes start. We understand that it’s not easy to travel from Asia or Africa to USA just to have a look at the school. So, the hotel stay on your first day is on us. We know how important it is to be comfortable and well rested on your first day.

Airport Pickup Service

If you’re flying in, we do not want you to get stuck or lost in a new city! We will arrange a personal driver to pick you up and drop you to the hotel provided by u or any other location you choose. This service is available for all our members who land in an airport close to their training school.

One on One Ground Classes and Aviation English Glasses before Training Starts

We believe that studying should start before your training starts. This is why our members excel in their training. The one on one ground training teaches you the basics and the theory behind flying which will impress our instructors and make you their favorite student. We will also teach you about maneuvers and different concepts and terminologies so you understand everything in your training. We will design structured free online classes that fit your needs.

Special Giveaway for our Domestic students

If you’re going to a flight training school in your own city, then many of our perks (such as hotel stay and airport pickup) won’t be useful for you. So, in their place, we would love to offer you some fantastic gifts such as aviator glasses, headsets, flight tickets, sport and event tickets, sky diving, shopping vouchers, theme park tickets, and more.

Video interaction with successful Airline Pilot worth Priceless

Want to know more about professional flying before you start? Talk to an airline pilot before you begin your journey. We will arrange an online video chat between you and one of the top commercial pilots in the industry to boost your motivation and enthusiasm. We have many jumbo jet captains with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and these experienced gentlemen will be there to answer any questions you may have. These pilots just want to see you succeed in achieving your dreams realistically, thus giving you invaluable advice which will help you reach the same level as them.

Aviation books and Simulators

After you have chosen your school and have registered with us, we will be helping you throughout the whole process. Meanwhile, we will send you a few books and simulator software when you gain acceptance in the school or a visa if you’re travelling from another country. The only way to become the best pilot is to have the best knowledge and these books and simulator will help give you an edge over others. Our main goal is to create top class pilots who will rule the skies for the next few decades.

Pilot Epaulettes for all licences

When you complete the course for a licence, you gain a stripe on your shoulder. This is a very proud moment for you, your family, and your friends. We always have the tradition that the student never buys their own epaulettes. Instead, someone who cares about the student and is proud of them will get it for them and your school owner or instructor will place it on your shoulders. Since we are so proud of your success and dedication, we would love to be the caring people who get the epaulettes and hand them to your preferred  person so they can place them on your shoulders.

First month gym membership

In order to excel as a pilot, you need to be mentally and physically fit. If you go to the gym, you will be able to maintain a high level of physical fitness and this will also raise your confidence level. It is also a great way to feel fresh and switch off from your flight training. We certainly won’t force anyone to go to the gym, but if you decide to, we will help you start by paying for the first month.

Professional Pilot Resume 

Once you’re done with the training, we will help you find a job and prepare you for job applications. There are many websites which take hundreds of dollars to create resumes. Our members, on the other hand, do not need to pay for this service. Our aim is to help get your career started and the resume for pilots is not a standard resume. It has a special format and design and we will help make your resume stands out from hundreds of other resume on interviewer’s desk.

Platform to share your special moments

Our website honors ever single pilot in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 hours or 5,000; once you step into the cockpit to take off for the first time, you have began your amazing journey and are a part of the family. In this great journey, you will have many memorable moments, pictures, stories, videos and such and we want to be the place that proudly displays your unforgettable moments.

Great platform

We are very proud to say that we will be a one-stop platform for all your flight training news and information. We believe in being fair and helpful for our students and will not show ads for any school just because they pay us. Money isn’t our motivator. We will go through a very constructive process before we place any advertisement on our website. We will only support the schools which really care about their students and give them a great training experience. if our students tell us good things about a school we will write articles about them and let the good news spread. We will also be posting news that could be of interest to pilots in training.


Let’s have a bit of fun as well! We will regularly have competitions open to everyone and will have great gifts for the winners? Excited yet? Check out this month’s competition!