I read on your website about school accommodation can be expensive. You can find me cheaper ones?

By Ravi Sharma 2015/12/28 India

Accommodation is one of the most expensive parts of the flight training. As we are try to help our members to save as much money as possible, we have an own department just to try to find a place for you without no middle man making money. Basically we will connect the right landlord or house broker with you so you can get the price same as any resident in the local. If you require more details please contact us.

I am confused about which country I should start training?

By Steve Hanning 2015/12/26 UK

This is the One million dollar question many students try to get the answer for. We help out whichever country you want to train and we made great pilots regardless of the country or school they choose. But if anyone ask me to choose one country without thinking too much then my answer is mmmmmmm……..USA.. Maybe beautiful New Zealand. Actually Australia.. Wow its difficult.. Fine.. Final answer is USA. After all these years of research on flight training and visited many schools in various countries I think USA schools tick most of the right boxes for me. But many great schools in many other different countries also.

Flight schools can guarantee my job in future?

By T. Nordberg 2015/12/20 Norway

If you talking about Airline job then NO. Unless if are the lucky few to get selected by cadet program conducted by airline itself. Flight schools are there to train you to become the best commercial pilot & in that process make money. That’s perfectly fine because you need that licence and skills to go out and look for job. But make sure do not choose the school just wants your money. Some school offer instructor jobs to their best students after the training. If you follow our great pattern from day one and work hard on your training you don’t have to worry about the job in future.

Which month is good to start training?

By Daniel. H 2015/12/11 Australia

It’s actually varies depends on the city you want to start your training. For an example in UK it’s better to start around May. In winter you won’t get any good weather to fly frequently. In USA a city like Florida, it’s better to start around November or December and complete your PPL before you get thunderstorm season in the summer. Contact me and let me know which city you planning to start the training.

Is there any money back guarantee that I will pass my license? I don’t want to spend so much money and fail.

By Praveen Naga 2015/12/03 Switzerland

I like your self-confident. I understand your worry. Actually every member of Compare flight training ask this question in different form at least once before they start the training. Flight schools will never give any money back for your failure. We provide guidance to our members and do not charge any money. So there is no money involve to give money back. But with our guidance our members will successfully complete their training. We can give our word. No one will ever failed to get their licence with us, unless the student choose to drop out of the course for varies personal reasons.

Why Indians & other Asians run to flight schools in USA or Australia when we have many schools here?

By Anchal. T 2015/11/24 India

I visited many schools around the world. Well, that’s my job to travel to schools to find out the rights and wrongs. My personal opinion is Asian standard of training hasn’t caught up to the standard of USA, UK or Australia and high standard schools in Asia charge more money than USA schools. Also airport facilities are much more advanced in foreign countries. But I have guided many students from Asia, trained in Asia and got airline job in the same country. It is possible.

Can we trust a school asking full payment all at once for some discount?

By S. Tieen 2015/11/15 Taiwan

Simple answer is NO. Schools are business just as any other company. So you have no idea if they going through bankruptcy or closing for any reason. Yes you can argue that rarely happens with big schools that exist many years, but I wouldn’t give all my money to sit in someone’s account for that long. Only exception is New Zealand flight schools because most of the schooll ask for full payment. But your money doesn’t go to the school straight away. It will hold by government organised public trusts and school will withdraw from them as you fly.

I am 31 years old. Is it too late to start my training to become airline pilot?

By Shaheen 2015/11/04 Qatar

My answer would have been yes its late if you asked me this question few years back. I met these three guys when I was at the school in Kissimmee, Florida. Two Italians and one Belgium guy. All of them were on their early 30s. I was so amazed to see their passion and dedication. They knew they have to work harder to get to the airline. They were attending ATPL ground classes from 9am till 5pm then after few hours of relaxing and playing tennis back on studies till midnight. I kept in contact with them. After just two years they all got jobs with airlines. So age is no matter. If you can give two years of your life fully committed to achieve success then you get wherever you want to be regardless of your age.

I want to be a pilot but my parents are scared. How do I convince them?

By R.Onwudiwe 2015/20/10 Nigeria

Maybe by showing them Capt. Chesley ‘sully’ Sullenberger’s heroic Hudson River landing video. Hold on. That might scare them more. Flying has been dream for hundreds of years till great Wright Brothers made that reality. For many pilots flying is a feeling that no words can describe. So only way to convince them is to tell them you also wants to be happiest person in the world by experience to be in control of flying. Good luck

I wear glasses. Can I still be a pilot?

By M.Qureshi 2015/10/16 Saudi Arabia

Of course, as long as you meet the requirement of aviation medical standard of the license you acquiring. Basically you must have your vision is correctable to 20/20. In simple terms you must have good eye sight with pair of glasses on. Make sure you have two pairs of glasses when you start flying. You don’t want to drop it in the plane while you training and you reach the runway to land.