German Born First Officer Angelika Barufke answers few questions about flying the amazing A380 and the fun facts comes with the work for one of the best airliner in the world. Succesful pilot’s stories always big inspiration to all the future pilots. We thank Emirates to make such a useful video to get a small glimpse of what it could be our student pilots life style in few years.

Video Source: Emirates Youtube

Ali Kashwa, A senior Training captain- A380 Emirates, Gives a tour of the Airbus A380 flight deck & also go through the procedure to explain how to fly the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

Video Source: Emirates Youtube

Baltic Aviation academy students Prateek Jatain & Ashwani Kumar Dhaka answers some of the very useful questions about aviation sector in India.

Video Source: BAA Training

Muslim women pilots enters into both aviation sectors such as Airlines pilots and fighter pilots. Very proud moment for all the pilots to fly aorund and share the same cockpit with these amazing professionals. Hard work and dedication is the only requirement to become a pilot. Nothing else.

Video Source: CNN

Captain Charlie explains why safety is always number one priority.

Video Source: Onelevelofsafety Youtube

Hero of aviation Capt. Sullenberger shares few bits of his courageous Hudson river landing. He is a great inspiration to all the pilots around the world.

Video Source: CBS