5 ways to save tons of money from flight training


Many students stop the flight training before completing due to the financial circumstances. Most of us have dream of becoming pilot for many years and budget ourselves to get through the training. But school website or other online sites will not help you to do accurate budget. Compareflighttraining.com provides full cost for entire training for any flight school and also guides you to save money in every way possible. Here are our top 5 ways you can save your hard earned money and still gain that precious license you desire for.

1.Choose the right flight school

Yes. We are aware that all the flight schools are created for business purpose and there are investors put their millions for return, just like any other business. Hence there are many schools which will do anything and take extra measure to take every penny from students’ pocket. But there are numerous schools with passionate owners who appoint great chief instructors and well paid experienced instructors to get the best out of the students and make them to be great pilots. Make sure you enroll into the school that cares about your career and budget.

2.Start training before start training

Confused? Once you start your flight training it gets very intense sometimes and if you have a one bad day then you can find next week playing catch up game. Every lesson costs you hundreds of dollars and students cannot have a one off day which will affect your performance for the following days. Most of the time this happen due to unprepared lesson or some topic you find hard to understand. Airplane is a terrible class room to learn. That’s why you study on the ground to prepare then demonstrate that on the air. This is the sole reason the flight training members gets books and simulators sent few months before they start their training. This one practice will save you thousands of dollars.

3.Be on the driving seat

Always remember you are paying for your training with the school. So make sure you receive great customer service and all the big decision should be made by you. As an owner of flight schools and flight instructor you have to show them enough respect and professionalism but they cannot take away your rights as a paying customer. Three main decisions you have to be firm on so you can save money.

Aircraft: In most of the schools you always have option to choose the aircraft you want to fly. Choose the one fits your budget. For an example, Cessna 152 is around $3000 dollars cheaper than Cessna 172 for private license. But it will be less comfortable. Choice is yours.

Instructor: If you feel uncomfortable with the instructor do not hesitate to contact the school office for requesting for a new instructor. You will end up flying many extra hours if you trained by an instructor you don’t like.

Frequent Fly: Many students had been forced to fly 5 times a week. Sometimes twice in one day. Even though they advice you flying frequent will make you a great pilot, we strongly recommend to fly three times a week at the start. You need time to prepare yourself for the flight and also understand everything that happened in the last flight. It’s not just about flying many hours and paying the school without having clear understanding of what’s going on around you.

4.Only Great instructor can produce great pilots

All of us know that most of the instructors are in the flight schools to build hours so when the airline calling them, they will be gone in a flash. There is nothing wrong with that. But some instructors just concentrate on building hours and your money rather than effort to make you a good pilot. This few of them can’t take away the fact that there are many amazing instructors out there giving everything they got to see their students gets their wings and become great skilled pilots.

Generally in many schools you won’t be able to choose your first instructor for your Private license, but at any point you feel like your instructor is only after the hours and money, contact the school office. Great instructors can complete your license in fewer hours with exceptional skills, which means saving more money for you.

5.Fly Any how

Combinations of these techniques below are even used in military and air forces to save money and improve pilots flying skills in training.

Chair flying: This technique has been around for decades. Simply you sit in the chair and visualize you in the plane and practice your maneuvers. You can place your plane’s cockpit poster on the wall and sit front of it to make it easier to visualize.

Buddy flight: When other students are on their hour building phase (after PPL) you can ask them whether you can join them in their flight. Most of the time they fly alone in hour-building and many of them are glad to have someone for a company in their flight.

Back seat: Talk to few instructors and request them for a seat at the back of the plane when they train another student. This is like a free lesson if you use it wisely with lots of concentration.

Listen to the tower: Radio communication is very important in your career. Make it a habit of listening to the tower of various airports. You can improve your communication skill by listening interaction between pilots and radio controller.



I choose my instructor by recommendation from one of my friends in the flight school. I soon realized he is such a great skilled instructor with lots of passion and dedication towards flying. I had great few flight lessons till I came across on one flight about an outraging personality when I made a mistake he shouted and screamed towards me. Every time he shouts in the plane I lose my focus and started to do many more mistakes. I started to get scared of flying with him as if I was flying with a snake that could bite me any second. Even though I stuck by this instructor throughout my private pilot lesson I hated every moment I was flying with him. I do regret now that I had bit of courage to face him and to tell him that if he is going to carry on this manner I will change the instructor.
My instructor has strict personality which makes it difficult to have friendly talk with him or even difficult to ask any question about aviation and my flying. Usually my instructor turns up to the flight just the minute before I start the engine and goes away as soon as I land and switch off the engine. Even though for a long time I get charged for preflight and post flight but I find difficult to question him. Thirty minutes ground I get charged for each flight. It doesn’t seem too much money for 30 minutes but it adds on when you fly over fifty flights. when I talk about this to other students it seems like many students goes through the same issue with their instructor which made me think this issue it just common in the flight schools.
My course fee had been quoted as $45,500. The school did mention this price is for 40 hours of private pilot license and they did inform me most of the students completed around 50 hours to 60 hours. So I expected couple of $1000 to increase it to a final price. But when I checked my school account on the day I got my instrument rating, I have spent around $49000 already. I still have multi engine commercial license pending and also 30hours of hours building. This is going to push the price more than $15000 than quotation quoted price. The school knows that once you start your training you just have to agree the price and pay for it without questioning them. That’s what many students did in the past. I can see that these extra charges will carry on in this flight training industry.
I started my job in USA after years of saving and clear research. I found this company in India and they guaranteed an airline pilot job as soon u complete your commercial license. It’s a dream come true for any student pilot to start a training and to know you will be flying for a airline as soon as you finish the training especially when you have spend over 40000$. The job confirmation they provided us didn’t look fake to me as the document had job details and an approved stamp from aviation authorities. Once I completed my training, I returned to India in such a joy that my parents are going to see their son as first officer in an airline. All my dreams just shattered when I went to the office in India to find out when I can start my job. It completely shocked me when they told that I am on a waiting list with other pilots and that they couldn’t tell me the exact time period for a job and I need to wait. Be careful of these fake agents and companies.
After a month of training I went for a flight as unusual, when I requested my flight log and the keys from dispatcher lady. She informed me that my account is negative. I was completely shocked because I have deposited fifteen thousand dollars a month ago. I asked her to print my account detail to check where my money went? She printed out my sheets of my flight detail of my account for the last month. In that account, I noticed that they charged me $3000 of administration fee which they never mentioned anywhere on the website or the document they had sent me with the acceptance letter before I started the training. When I complained about this to the school office I got a simple answer “every student get this fee charged”. I was very disappointed and argued a lot regarding this matter to finally realize that I have just have accepted this fee and carry on with my training. After this incident I make sure that I check my account regularly if there are anymore hidden charges applied from nowhere.
Some flight school use desperate measures and try to exploit the situation of the new instructors from abroad. Once they finish the training, the school owners knows that these new instructors wants to build hours and get experience rather than go back to their own country. I only know these details after several of my flights. My instructor never showed any enthusiasm towards the trainee but he wanted to fly many hours every week. When I asked others students they explained to me my instructors doesn’t get paid for his work. It came clearly to me that you can’t expect someone to give 100 % when they don’t get paid for the job they do. By the time I changed the instructor that I already flew 32 hours without even get my solo since then I changed my instructor I wish I had done this sooner.